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Home Cloning Kit pTG19-T PCR Cloning Vector

pTG19-T PCR Cloning Vector

The pTG19-T vector is designed for rapid and efficient cloning of PCR products with 3’dA overhangs. The linearized pTG19-T vector with 3’-dT overhangs prevent vector recircularization, therefore resulting in high percentage of recombinant clones and low background.


  • Convenient – ready-to-use linearized 3’dT overhang pTG19-T vector.
  • Efficient –more than 80% of the recombinant clones contain the target DNA
  • Rapid clone selection:
    -lacZ gene for blue/white selection.
    -M13 primer sites for PCR screening and sequencing.
    -BamHI restriction enzyme can be used to release the insert from the pTG19-T vector.

Quality Control

  • More than 80% clones are white with control insert.
  • More than 85% of white clones are positively by restriction endonuclease digestion.
  • The 3’dT overhangs for every batch vectors is confirmed by sequencing of five recombinant clones.

Kit Components

  • pTG19-T vector
  • Control insert

Storage & Stability

  • All components are stable at -20°C for one year if properly stored.
  • To avoid frequent feeze-thaw cycles, keeping small aliquots at -20°C is recommended.

Ordering Information

Catalog No Description Pack Size
TA010 pTG19-T Cloning Vector 20 applications


pTG19-T Cloning Vector

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