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Home Latest news Distributor Meeting with Thailand Distributor (25-28 June 2019, Bangkok, Thailand)

Distributor Meeting with Thailand Distributor (25-28 June 2019, Bangkok, Thailand)

On 25-28 June 2019, Vivantis international sales team visited Thailand distributor at Bangkok. Business development plans for Vivantis products such as protein ladder expansion, Taq DNA Polymerase, promotional package for cloning vectors and ligase as well as generate product awareness in Thailand market were discussed.

As more laboratories are beginning to replace ethidium bromide (EtBr) with safer dyes, we are implementing the use of Vivantis ViSafe Red Gel Stain (10000X in water) and ViSafe Green Gel Stain (10000X in water) and create awareness among end users who have yet to switch. As a manufacturer, we are also concerned with customers’ feedback and we appreciated the effort from our distributor to convey any issues related to Vivantis products. In addition, we are also happy to hear positive feedback from researchers. We managed to meet existing Vivantis users at various research facilities such as Mahidol University, Department of Disease Control and Kasetsart University (Department of Genetic Engineering).

Overall, it was a fruitful meeting as we were able to get a picture of current market demands in Thailand and together with our distributor, we will work towards gaining more momentum in the near future.





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