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Viva qGreen I Fluorescent Dye 20X in DMSO

Viva qGreen I Fluorescent Dye (equivalent to SYBR® Green Dye) is a sensitive green fluorescent nucleic acid dye used for detection of double stranded DNA. The dye is widely used in non-specific detection of amplification in quantitative realtime PCR (qPCR) experiments. The detection is monitored by measuring the increase in fluorescence throughout the cycle.

Viva qGreen I fluorescent reporter offers distinct advantages. Besides to be double-strand DNA-specific, the fluorescent reporter is also easy to be used and highly sensitive. Compared to other fluorescent dyes, Viva qGreen I Fluorescent Dye can be used to monitor the amplification of any double-stranded DNA sequence. There is no probe required, which can reduce assay setup time as well as running costs.

Viva qGreen I Fluorescent Dye may have disadvantage to generate false positive signals due to the dye can also bind to any double-stranded DNA sequences. However, the dye can equally good in detecting the non-specific products as well as primer dimer. Therefore, it is very important to have welldesigned primers that do not amplify non-target sequences in qPCR reactions to prevent overestimation of the target concentration.

Viva qGreen I Fluorescent Dye has an excitation and emission maxima of 494nm and 521nm, respectively. The dye is compatible with PCR up to a point and it starts to inhibit the PCR reaction at very high concentration.


  • Real-time PCR experiments – low level of quantitation
  • Melt curve analysis
  • Common DNA quantification
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Mass screening

Easy and affordable
Probes are not required, reduce assay setup and running cost; given that PCR primers are well designed and reaction is well characterized.
High sensitivity
Increased fluorescence when bound to any double-stranded DNA.
Highly stable
Stable during storage and under PCR condition, able to withstand repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Versatile applications
Can be used as a general double stranded DNA binding dye for common DNA quantification, melt curve analysis, etc.
Compatible with most system
Compatible with major brands of qPCR instruments & enzyme systems


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SD1101 Viva qGreen I Fluorescent Dye 20X in DMSO 1ml/pack


Viva qGreen I Fluorescent Dye 20X in DMSO


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