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Home Labware ViPro Series ViPro – Mini Centrifuge

ViPro – Mini Centrifuge

This new microcentrifuge is the perfect answer for quick spindowns from tube walls and caps. Its tiny footprint and quiet operation makes it perfect for desktop use or quick transport between countertops. Available in 6-places rotor (Mini-Spin: capacity 6 x 1.5ml with 0.5ml adapters).

ViPro is pleased to introduce a new centrifuge called the UniSpin. The Uni-Spin combines the Mini-Spin and Strip-Spin into one unit. This unit allows you the convenience of having both the 6-place rotor and the Butterfly rotor all in one unit with an easy-to-use allen screw driver to change from a six-place rotor to a strip rotor.

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Catalog No Description Pack Size
APC01 Mini-Spin 1 unit

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