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Molecular Biology Grade


Appearance White powder
Mol. Formula Not applicable. A polysaccharide complex.
Mol. Weight Not Applicable.


Assay Min Max Units
Moisture content (≤ 10) <10 %
Sulfate content (≤ 0.15) <0.15 %
Gel Strength, 1.0% (≥ 1200) 1340 2910 g/cm2
EEO 0.12 -mr
Gelling Temperature 36.0 37.0 ˚C
Melting Temperature ≤90 ˚C
Appearance PASS
RNase / DNase Not Detected


Ordering Information

Catalog No Description Pack Size
PC0701-100g Agarose (Molecular Biology Grade) 100g
PC0701-500g Agarose (Molecular Biology Grade) 500g
PC0701-1kg Agarose (Molecular Biology Grade) 1kg


Agarose (Molecular Biology Grade)

This Product Has Been Used In:

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